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Download these ‘Curriculum Questions for School Self Evaluation – Reading’ to use for school self evaluation and school development planning.  This set of 17 questions and themes about your school’s reading curriculum and its impact on children’s phonics and reading are a useful aid to support your preparation for reporting to governors, or for an Ofsted Inspection.

Each of the 17 questions has useful success criteria listed to support the self evaluation process, see the example below.  The success criteria are linked to Ofsted’s “Indicators of Curriculum Quality” (December 2018) and the Ofsted Inspection Handbook update April 2021 .

What do you do to ensure pupils continue to make progress in reading in year 1 and beyond and how do children increase reading fluency?


+ Teachers and subject leaders listen to children read (including SEND,  lowest 20% attainers and best readers in school)
+ Teachers and subject leaders check for understanding – inference & deduction
+ Subject leaders and teachers sample of books children read across year groups to show range and breadth of attainment
+ Subject leaders and teachers are ambitious for pupils – they are  offered opportunities for extended vocabulary
+ Stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction are chosen for reading to develop children’s vocabulary, language comprehension and love of reading.
+ Children are familiar with and enjoy listening to a wide range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction
+ Teachers listen to children read individually and in groups
+ Teachers make records of children’s reading

There is a column for SLT and/or subject leaders to complete with their comments as they undertake their review of reading and future actions to be taken can be highlighted in the last column.

The self evaluation tool and questions can be easily adapted to suit a school’s own requirements and self evaluation framework.

Schools who have used this self-evaluation resource have reported its positive impact – on the development of their reading curriculum and on their ability to prepare for Ofsted Inspection and reporting to governors.

1 x 7 A4 pages 'Curriculum Questions for School Self Evaluation - Reading' - MS Word


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