Human Skeleton Quiz



  • Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
    • - KS3

Download this 16-slide ‘Human Skeleton’ KS2 Quiz to use to help assess children’s understanding of the Animals Including Humans units of work, (for example explore the main body parts associated with the skeleton and muscles and exploring ideas about what would happen if humans did not have skeletons).

Find out about skeletons and how they:

SUPPORT: The skeleton supports our body.  Without this support we would not be able to stand up.
MOVEMENT: The skeleton has joints where tendons join muscles to bones.  This enables us to move.
PROTECTION: The skeleton helps to protect delicate internal organs from injury.

The Quiz includes 10 questions, (with images) together with an answer sheet for children to record their answers and also provides the answers and a labelled skeleton – useful for reference.


1 x 16 slide Human Skeleton Quiz (MS PowerPoint)