• Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
    • - KS3
  • Compatible with:
    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this 20-slide ‘Relaxation’ PowerPoint to help children understand that we feel relaxed when we feel safe, calm and not worried.  The PowerPoint will encourage children to realise that relaxation is the opposite feeling to stress, or pressure and that feeling relaxed is important for the well being of our minds and bodies.

Encourage children to think of ways they can relax, how to make time to relax and how to find a place they feel they can relax in.   Use this PowerPoint to discuss ways children can relax:

  • listening to relaxing music
  • getting plenty of sleep
  • limiting ‘screen time’
  • keeping bedrooms tidy
  • get a project going
  • do a jigsaw puzzle
  • build with construction kits
  • colour or draw
  • read
  • exercise
  • meditation or Yoga
  • deep breathing

A very useful PowerPoint which will encourage children to think about their own well being and develop strategies for relaxation.

1 x 20 slide 'Relaxation' PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)