Teaching Values



  • Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
    • - KS3
  • Compatible with:
    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this 46 slide ‘Teaching Values’ PowerPoint to use during an INSET to help teaching staff develop understanding of what values are and to develop your ethos and values education in school.   Understanding school values will help your school community to know and be able to explain what makes your school distinctive.

This PowerPoint (used with the children’s ‘Values’ PowerPoint) focuses on 14 different values.  Slides are hyperlinked so that you can easily locate the values you want to discuss with staff during the training session and with children in assemblies or lessons.   For each value the PowerPoint offers a definition and a set of questions designed to promote discussion amongst teaching staff to prompt their thinking and develop deeper understanding.

A great resource which not only explains the 14 values, but includes a scenario for each value that children can relate to and each also has a Bible reference for schools who reference their values to the Christian faith.  Download now and use this colourful and informative PowerPoint for INSET.  Combine this with the children’s version, the ‘Values’ PowerPoint’ and the ‘Teaching Values Across the Curriculum’ INSET PowerPoint and enhance your values education.

Please be patient while the zip file downloads due to the large number of slides.

1 x 46 slide 'Teaching Values' MS PowerPoint