The Planet Debate



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    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this 44 -slide ‘Planet Debate’ PowerPoint to help children find out more about Greta Thunberg who is making speeches about the Earth, the pollution and the damaging use of fossil fuels that she says are happening.

Greta thinks we should ALL help make the planet a better place and look after it better by caring for the trees and forests and the animals and wildlife.  She is upset that so many animals are dying and whole species are dying out.

Ask children if they know about this?  How could they find out if this is true?

Many people are thinking about what Greta has been saying in her speeches.  Discuss with your class, or school why it is sometimes confusing to hear all the different things scientists and other people who run our countries are saying.  What do they think?  Do they find it confusing?

What do they think of Greta’s ideas that, “No one is too small to make a difference?”  Do they agree with her, or are they against her ideas?  Why?

Find out more about fossil fuels and what  Greta thinks about how humans are damaging our planet.

Do children think that Greta is right and “It’s time to rebel?”   Do children think they should go on school-strike for climate change?   After all, people do need to know about important issues that affect their future and the future of their children and what could be more important than keeping our planet safe and pollution-free?

An informative PowerPoint with links to some of Greta’s speeches and a summary of discussion points for you to print out so children can think and carry out their own research.  Download now and join the Planet Debate!

1 x 44 slide 'Planet Debate' PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint) 1 x A4 Booklet 'Planet Debate'