Rubrics Bundle sale



  • Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
    • - KS3
  • Compatible with:
    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this ‘Rubric Bundle’ of 16 rubrics and a ‘What is a Rubric?’ PowerPoint to use for a range of subjects:-

  • What is a Rubric? PowerPoint
  • Multiplication – Times Tables Rubric
  • Writing Instructions Rubric
  • Story Writing KS1 Rubric
  • Friendship Rubric
  • Friendship KS2 Rubric
  • Being a Science Investigator Rubric
  • Diary Writing Rubric
  • Explanation Rubric
  • History Skills Rubric
  • Letter Writing Rubric
  • Persuasion Rubric
  • Play Script Rubric
  • Punctuating Speech Rubric
  • Recount Rubric
  • Report Rubric
  • Starting Stories Rubric

Rubrics can give children a clear understanding of what standards are expected and can be used for scoring and giving levels of performance for specific criteria and used to set targets.   Rubrics help develop children’s  independent learning skills, will help them self-assess and will support your AfL – either in with you in school or remotely.

You and the children will love them!

  • What is a Rubric? MS PowerPoint
  • Multiplication - Times Tables Rubric MS Word
  • Writing Instructions Rubric MS Word
  • Story Writing KS1 Rubric MS Word
  • Friendship Rubric MS Word
  • Friendship KS2 Rubric MS Word
  • Being a Science Investigator Rubric MS Word
  • Diary Writing Rubric MS Word
  • Explanation Rubric MS Word
  • History Skills Rubric MS Word
  • Letter Writing Rubric MS Word
  • Persuasion Rubric MS Word
  • Play Script Rubric MS Word
  • Punctuating Speech Rubric MS Word
  • Recount Rubric MS Word
  • Report Rubric MS Word
  • Starting Stories Rubric MS Word