Homophobic Bullying – KS2



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    • - KS2
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    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this ‘Homophobic Bullying – KS2’ pack of resources to use with KS2 children to help them understand what homphobic bullying is. This pack comes with guidance on what homophobic bullying is, why we should teach it in school and how we shoudl plan for and teach this important message. The PowerPoint highlights the objectives that children should be taught at KS2: Understand that there are different types of teasing and bullying, understand that bullying is wrong and how to get help to stop bullying, enable differing opinions to be voiced with empathy, dignity and respect.  Know the terms ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’ and ‘bisexual’ and understand these groups of people exist in our society, as do heterosexual people and single parents.  In the pack is also a lesson plan with activities to support the session.  An informative and really useful resource to support your PSHE lessons and important work on homophobic and anti bullying.  Ofsted recommend teaching about homophobic bullying in primary and secondary schools – so download now and find out how to get started!

  • Homophobic Bullying - KS2 PowerPoint (17 slides)
  • Guidance on how to plan and teach about homophobic bullying
  • Lesson plan