Life Cycle of a Sunflower – Seed to Sunflower



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    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this 29-slide ‘Life Cycle of a Sunflower – Seed to Sunflower’ PowerPoint to find out more about the parts of the sunflower plant and how the story of how a seed grows into a plant is called a life cycle.  Learn about the stages of the sunflower’s growth by looking at pictures and descriptions of its seeds, see the process of germination and the growth of the shoot into a seedling and how the sunflower plant grows and the petals open.

Teach children how the inside of a sunflower is made from smaller flowers; the outer petals are known as ray florets and how sunflowers have male and female parts of flowers and can produce their own seeds.  Sunflowers can self-pollinate, or they attract pollen from wind and insects and children can learn about fertilisation from the information and pictures on the PowerPoint.

As the end of the summer arrives,  children will see how the sunflower plant looks old and tired, but it is still alive. It is still growing healthy seeds which swell and turn black.  They will learn how the life cycle continues as the seeds are dispersed and, when spring comes, the seeds that are in good soil begin to germinate. The seedlings will grow into new plants, and the whole life cycle will begin again.

A colourful and informative Life Cycle PowerPoint that will help children learn about Life and Living Processes and may even inspire them to plant their own sunflower seeds!  Download now and use with your class.


1 x 29 slide 'Life Cycle of a Sunflower - Seed to Sunflower' PowerPoint  (MS PowerPoint)