PSHE Behaviour Bundle sale



  • Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
    • - KS3
  • Compatible with:
    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this PSHE Behaviour Bundle of 33 products for PSHE lessons and KS1 & KS2 assemblies to help give examples of different types of behaviour for children to think about. These are great resources that will help children to think about why people behave in the ways they do and then help them identify ways they might want to behave themselves.  Download these colourful PowerPoints with themes ranging from friendship, honesty, saying sorry, working together to perseverance and managing feelings of anger.  This PSHE Behaviour bundle is a great resource to buy to use to help promote PSHE with KS1 and KS2 children in your primary school.

  • 1 x Acting Responsibly - Citizenship 18-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x All Friends Together 12-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Be Responsible 24-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Being Brave 15-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Boy Who Cried Wolf - Being Honest 21-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Break Friends - Make Friends 23-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Caring 8-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Our Class Rules 7-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Concentration 17-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Friendship 11-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint) + 1 x A4 Friendship rubric (MS Word)
  • 1 x A4 KS2 Friendship Rubric (MS Word)
  • 1 x Going For Your Goal 14-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Good Relationships 22-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Honesty 19-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x If at First You Don't Succeed 17-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Importance of Rules 18-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x It's Good To Be Me! Be Proud! 23-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Knowing Myself 18-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Learning About Co-operation 21-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Making Choices 9-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Making Choices - Citizenship X-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Managing Feelings of Anger 21-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Our Rules 12-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Resolving Conflict 20-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Rules for Friendship 13-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Saying Sorry 17-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Seeing Another Point of View 12-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Sharing 21 slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Telling Lies 15-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Work Together 29-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Working Together 9-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Working Together - Bundle of Sticks 16-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)
  • 1 x Working Together - Parts of the Body 19-slide PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint)