School Self Evaluation Policy



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Download this 6 page School Self Evaluation Policy which will document how your school will enable staff to quality assure standards of achievement, learners’ progress, teaching and learning, the curriculum, behaviour and welfare, safeguarding and all other aspects of our school’s work.

School Self Evaluation is a key priority for schools and the Osfted Inspection Framework judges schools on the efficiency and effectiveness of self-evaluation strategies that will be integral to leadership and management systems.

This School Self Evaluation Policy includes details about how the information gained from self-evaluation will be shared widely and used to keep governors, parents, carers, pupils and other key stakeholders well informed about the work of the school, its achievements and the progress being made.

It includes the following sections:

  • Mission Statement (left blank for you to complete)
  • Aims (left blank for you to complete)
  • Introduction & Intent
  • Implementation

Performance Management
Subject Leaders Planning and Evaluations
Monitoring of teaching and learning
Scrutiny of work
Learning Environment
Assessment and Data Analysis and Key Stage School data analysis
Inclusion and SEND
Behaviour and Wellbeing
Discussions with pupils
Discussions with staff
SIP review and evaluation

  • Impact
1 x 6 A4 Page 'School Self Evaluation Policy'  Ms Word