Ice Balloons – Investigation



  • Suitable for:
    • - KS1
    • - KS2
  • Compatible with:
    • - Microsoft PowerPoint

Download this 26-slide PowerPoint with great ideas for a science investigation! This PowerPoint will help teach children how to carry out a science investigation and suggests two questions, “How can you stop the ice balloon from melting?” and “How can you make the ice balloon melt quickly?” It encourages children to think about what they will need to do, what equipment they will use, how they will record their results and will help them evaluate their investigation. Included in this comprehensive resource is information about thermal insulation and an A4 prompt sheet. If you are teaching the ‘Keeping Warm’ science unit then this PowerPoint will be useful for you!

1 x 26-slide Ice Balloons - Investigation PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint) 1 x A4 Investigation Prompt sheet (MS Word)