Monitoring of Teaching and Learning – Lesson Observations



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    • - KS3
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Download this 7 page document, “Monitoring of Teaching & Learning – Lesson Observations” for subject leaders to use as they carry out self-evaluation of their curriculum subject areas.

Subject leaders will need to keep a record of their evidence of self-evaluation and their records of evidence will include self-evaluation reports to the head/governors and records of monitoring, evaluating and reviewing their subject.

“Monitoring of Teaching & Learning – Lesson Observations” is the first in the PrimaryWorks “Subject Self-Evaluation Record of Evidence” series, and its content is based on Ofsted’s Report June 2019, “How valid and reliable is the use of lesson observation in supporting judgements on the quality of education?”

Subject Self-Evaluation Record of Evidence Series

1. Monitoring of teaching and learning/lesson observations
2. Monitoring curriculum coverage
3. Monitoring of progression and continuity within the subject
4. Monitoring of coverage, breadth and depth of the subject’s curriculum guidelines
5. Monitoring teachers’ planning
6. Monitoring differentiation and the match of work to learners’ abilities
7. Monitoring the provision for learners with special needs and more able & talented
8. Monitoring the quality, standards and presentation of learners’ work
9. Monitoring wall displays
10. Monitoring interviews with pupils
11. Monitoring interviews with parents
12. Monitoring of standards of achievement
13. Monitoring of the quality of assessment, recording and reporting

1 x 7 A4 page "Monitoring of Teaching & Learning - Lesson Observations" MS Word